Competition Terms

Japanese English

Aka Red
Shiro White
Ippon 1 Full Point in Contest
Shobu Ippon 1 Point Contest (traditional)
Shobu Sanbon 3 Point Contest
Aka (Shiro) no Kachi Victory of Red (White)
Jogai Stepping out of contest area (penalty)
Atoshibaraku 30 seconds to end of Contest
Kamaete Begin
Chui Warning
Tsukete Hajime Re-start of a Match
Encho Sen Extension match
Fukushin Shugo Meeting of Referee & Judges
Waza ari Half Point in Contest
Motonoichi Return to starting positions (contest)
Hansoku disqualification for foul
Hantei Judgement
Hikiwaki Draw
Yame Soremade End of Contest