BSK National Championships

West Lancs Competition Triumph

The West Lancs Academy Senior Team have recently returned victorious from the BSK National Open Championships. The club sent a small squad to the event, which was held in Oldham, and returned triumphant, with members having put in some great performances.

 David Tarjomi, Rob Willis and Steve Trussell took gold, winning first place in the flagship Senior Men’s Team Kumite. Rob also reached the final of the Senior Men’s Kata, narrowly missing bronze by a mere 0.1 score. This combined achievement is even more impressive as it marks thirty years since he first won a medal in competition. Rob’s tournament career spans four decades, first winning a medal placing way back in 1982.

 Debutant Simon Holt took third place in the Under Brown Belt Men’s Kumite, whilst Matthew Schofield won Silver in the Cadet Kumite.

Vicky Smith, Luke Holt and Jacob Holt also notched up impressive fight wins, with Luke also managing to get through to the second round of the Junior Kata.

George Birch, Olivia Billingham and Izzy Horobin all performed well in their kata debuts, although were unlucky to run up against some very tough opposition, as did Tia Harland Say in the Junior Ladies Kumite.

 This latest haul takes the clubs total trophy tally to over 200 since the club was established in 1999.

WLKA Senior Team 2012
BSK Squad 2012

David Tarjomi, Steve Trussell, Rob Willis 

West Lancs Karate Academy Squad




Lilleshall 2016 Report

English Shotokan Academy Annual International Open Course 2016

The annual international open course at Lilleshall is always a popular event and this year was no exception. Eighty karateka gathered for World Class training from ESA instructors Sensei Michaylo Fedyk 7th Dan, Sensei Geoff Beasley 7th Dan, Sensei Alan Armstrong 6th Dan and Sensei Roger Hooton 5th Dan. They were joined by guest instructors Sensei Dirk Heene 8th Dan and welcomed return of Sensei Julian Mead 6th Dan to provide 8 hours of training across the 3 day residential course. Each instructor offering a vast amount of martial arts experience and working in a coordinated program of delivery based around effective kumite application.

Set in spectacular surroundings Lilleshall is a National Sports Complex offering excellent training and accommodation facilities and has hosted the English Shotokan Academy's annual residential course since 2001.

Saturday evening annual social event was enjoyed by all with the provision of an excellent three course meal and in a friendly atmosphere that enabled good socialising by all present.

Following the evening meal Sandie Hopkins 4th Dan event manager hosted presentations of certificates to the following karateka achieving 1st Dan examination - Joy Patel, Edward James, Lee Aston and Daniel Westlake. A special presentation followed from Sensei Heene 8th Dan to Sensei Geoff Beasley on achieving 7th Dan. Sensei Beasley was awarded 7th Dan after examination by the KSKA Shihankai panel during the summer KSKA Gasshuku in Mierlo Holland. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Sensei Beasley on this achievement and lifelong dedication to Karate.

Finally, I would like to thank all the organisers for putting on such a great course and we hope to see you all at Lilleshall in 2017.

Sensei Dimitrijevic March 09

Sensei Velibor Dimitrijevic Course, St Helens - March 2009

by Chris Dagnan.


Lindisfarne Sports Centre in St Helens provided an excellent venue and accommodation where for eight hours across two days Sensei Velibor Dimitrijevic taught Kase-Ha Shotokan Ryu Karate to a fascinated and increasingly fatigued group of eager students.


Sensei Dimitrijevic used the two days to give us building blocks to take away and use to develop 3 principles of karate-do; technique, breathing and mind. The course focussed on using the core – the hara – or tanden to generate power and stability combined with correct breathing and the right attitude to deal with “the bad guy” (an attacker with serious intent to do harm.)


The course was split into four parts, each taking the previous and adding to it whilst not bombarding the student with complicated patterns to learn which could result in the student losing focus on the 3 principles.


JSKA World Championships 2008

JKSA Open World Championship – 23rd/24th Aug 2008  E.S.A. Participation Report  


Provision of participation opportunities in challenging competitive events for any member of the ESA has recently been initiated.   Executive support of squad management and a schedule of organised sessions have enabled ESA representative karateka the opportunity to progress their competitive development and take part in targeted events that will prove to be challenging and beneficial to each individual. Following attendance at three squad sessions a team of 16 senior and junior karateka were selected to take part in the JKSA Open World Championship held at the prestigious Manchester Velodrome over the weekend of 23rd/ 24th August 2008.  


ESA Clay pigeon shoot

Is it just karate that members of the ESA are good at?  


Definitely not!  


Here is the evidence as members of the ESA took part in a fun day out clay pigeon shooting organised by Vince Reynolds of Cleckheaton Karate Club. Many of those enjoying the day’s experience had never shot before, but under the expert coaching by members of the Hawksworth Gun Club and former GB team member Vince, they quickly got the hang of it.  


The mornings practice session went reasonably well as barracking and taking the Michael was compulsory and of course shouting words of encouragement like “You couldn’t hit a barn door”.  


The afternoon session included a 20 clay shoot-off competition with the participants being divided in to teams of four.   Although this was described as; “Just a bit of Fun, with no pressure”, you could imaging the fierce competitive spirit demonstrated by karateka. Competing for prestigious trophies we all did really well and some slightly better than others.  Norman Gomersall, recovering from a poor start in the morning to hit 17 from 20 clays and just when it counted.  We always knew he was a dark horse!  


Lilleshall 2008 Report

Lilleshall 2008


108 karateka congregated for the ESA Annual Residential Course at the National Sports Centre, Lilleshall, in August this year. Hard training and some pretty serious socialising ensured that all who attended had a fantastic weekend. 


We asked for feedback from some of those karateka who attended, here are a few of the responses we received ........


Q. What were your impressions of the Lilleshall venue and what did you think of the training facilities?

"Very smart, welcoming, clean and tidy, plenty of space and a great floor."




"Beautiful surroundings shared with a nice group of people."



Q. What was your favourite thing about the course?

"The diversity of the instruction, the different types of methodology used by each instructor and the stories they used to get the points over."


"The friendly atmosphere and how everyone is made to feel welcome."


Loutraki 2008


June 4th - 8th June

Members of the ESA training in Loutraki, Greece with Sensei Velibor Dimitrijevic.


ESA Group Lout 08



Loutraki Group 08

ESA in Greece 2007

The first week of June saw an exodus of ESA members from the South of England to the Greek resort of Loutraki near Athens. The members, who were from the Oxford, Cheltenham, Toozai and Spalding clubs, joined with karateka from Greece, Slovenia, Serbia, Sweden and Belgium to take part in the annual summer school held by Sensei Velibor Dimitrijevic 6th Dan, one of the senior instructors from the Kase-ha Shotokan-ryu Karate-do Academy.


In warm sunny conditions we trained hard from 9.30 am to 1pm each day for five days. Each day started with exercises designed to improve movement, body control and breathing. These involved what has become Dimitrijevic Sensei’s trade mark, practicing with hands firmly fastened in the back of the belt so as not to distract from feeling and understanding what the legs and body were doing. Later in the week this same methodology was applied to the practice of both basic and advanced kata; it was disturbing to discover, even after many decades of practice, how poorly we understood the contribution our legs and bodies make to the kata without hand techniques to guide us through.


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