Cadet Black Belts

· Junior or Cadet Black Belt grades may be awarded to student under the age of 16 years using the association Cadet Grading Syllabus

· These grades may be taken within their own club under a National Grading Examiner

· The highest level of Cadet Black Belt permitted is 2nd degree

· The waiting time between 1st Kodomo and 1st Cadet Black Belt is 6 months based on a minimum of 2 hours training per week

· The recognised Insignia for all Cadet Black Belt is a Black Belt with a thin red stripe running the length of the belt

· At 16 years a Cadet Black Belt may apply through their instructor for upgrading to senior 1st Dan by completing the appropriate form. This request will be considered by the Technical Committee using established criteria and will either be ratified or referred for physical re-assessment

· The upgrade to Shodan will be registered with the Karate England and time scale for progress to 2nd Dan and above start from this registration in accordance with Karate England Rules